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Workflow Events

v2.7.2 and after

Kubernetes events

Do not use Kubernetes events for automation as they can be lost or rolled-up.

We emit Kubernetes events on certain events.

Workflow state change:

  • WorkflowRunning
  • WorkflowSucceeded
  • WorkflowFailed
  • WorkflowTimedOut

Node state change:

  • WorkflowNodeRunning
  • WorkflowNodeSucceeded
  • WorkflowNodeFailed
  • WorkflowNodeError

The involved object is the workflow in both cases. Additionally, for node state change events, annotations indicate the name and type of the involved node:

  name: my-wf.160434cb3af841f8
  namespace: my-ns
  annotations: my-node Pod
type: Normal
reason: WorkflowNodeSucceeded
message: 'Succeeded node my-node: my message'
  apiVersion: v1alpha1
  kind: Workflow
  name: my-wf
  namespace: my-ns
  resourceVersion: "1234"
  uid: my-uid
firstTimestamp: "2020-04-09T16:50:16Z"
lastTimestamp: "2020-04-09T16:50:16Z"
count: 1