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The Structure of Workflow Specs

We now know enough about the basic components of a workflow spec. To review its basic structure:

  • Kubernetes header including meta-data
  • Spec body

    • Entrypoint invocation with optional arguments
    • List of template definitions
  • For each template definition

    • Name of the template
    • Optionally a list of inputs
    • Optionally a list of outputs
    • Container invocation (leaf template) or a list of steps
      • For each step, a template invocation

To summarize, workflow specs are composed of a set of Argo templates where each template consists of an optional input section, an optional output section and either a container invocation or a list of steps where each step invokes another template.

Note that the container section of the workflow spec will accept the same options as the container section of a pod spec, including but not limited to environment variables, secrets, and volume mounts. Similarly, for volume claims and volumes.