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Managed Namespace

v2.5 and after

You can install Argo in either namespace scoped or cluster scoped configurations. The main difference is whether you install Roles or ClusterRoles, respectively.

In namespace scoped configuration, you must run both the Workflow Controller and Argo Server using --namespaced. If you want to run workflows in a separate namespace, add --managed-namespace as well. (In cluster scoped configuration, don't include --namespaced or --managed-namespace.)

For example:

      - args:
        - --configmap
        - workflow-controller-configmap
        - --executor-image
        - argoproj/workflow-controller:v2.5.1
        - --namespaced
        - --managed-namespace
        - default

Please note that both cluster scoped and namespace scoped configurations require "admin" roles to install because Argo's Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) must be created (CRDs are cluster scoped objects).

Example Use Case

You can use a managed namespace install if you want some users or services to run Workflows without granting them privileges in the namespace where Argo Workflows is installed. For example, if you only run CI/CD Workflows that are maintained by the same team that manages the Argo Workflows installation, you may want a namespace install. But if all the Workflows are run by a separate data science team, you may want to give them a "data-science-workflows" namespace and use a managed namespace install of Argo Workflows in another namespace.