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Documentation Changes

Docs help our customers understand how to use workflows and fix their own problems.

Doc changes are checked for spelling, broken links, and lint issues by CI. To check locally, run make docs.

General guidelines:

  • Explain when you would want to use a feature.
  • Provide working examples.
  • Format code using back-ticks to avoid it being reported as a spelling error.
  • Prefer 1 sentence per line of markdown
  • Follow the recommendations in the official Kubernetes Documentation Style Guide.
    • Particularly useful sections include Content best practices and Patterns to avoid.
    • Note: Argo does not use the same tooling, so the sections on "shortcodes" and "EditorConfig" are not relevant.

Running Locally

To test/run locally:

make docs-serve


Use a service like Grammarly to check your grammar.

Having your computer read text out loud is a way to catch problems, e.g.:

  • Word substitutions (i.e. the wrong word is used, but spelled. correctly).
  • Sentences that do not read correctly will sound wrong.

On Mac, to set-up:

  • Go to System Preferences / Accessibility / Spoken Content.
  • Choose a System Voice (I like Siri Voice 1).
  • Enable Speak selection.

To hear text, select the text you want to hear, then press option+escape.