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Stress Testing

Install gcloud binary.

# Login to GCP:
gloud auth login

# Set-up your config (if needed):
gcloud config set project alex-sb

# Create a cluster (default region is us-west-2, if you're not in west of the USA, you might want at different region):
gcloud container clusters create-auto argo-workflows-stress-1

# Get credentials:
gcloud container clusters get-credentials argo-workflows-stress-1                             

# Install workflows (If this fails, try running it again):
make start PROFILE=stress

# Make sure pods are running:
kubectl get deployments

# Run a test workflow:
argo submit examples/hello-world.yaml --watch


Run go run ./test/stress/tool -n 10000 to run a large number of workflows.

Check Prometheus:

  1. See how many Kubernetes API requests are being made. You will see about one Update workflows per reconciliation, multiple Create pods. You should expect to see one Get workflowtemplates per workflow (done on first reconciliation). Otherwise, if you see anything else, that might be a problem.
  2. How many errors were logged? log_messages{level="error"} What was the cause?

Check PProf to see if there any any hot spots:

go tool pprof -png http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/allocs
go tool pprof -png http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/heap
go tool pprof -png http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/profile


gcloud container clusters delete argo-workflows-stress-1